BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle

The BCM Gunfighter charging handle is a drop in replacement for your standard Mil-Spec charging handle just like many other aftermarket charging handles out there on the market. What makes the BCM Gunfighter stand out is its mechanical design and function.

BCM has completely redesigned the charging handle to put all of the pressure when racking the bolt at the rear of the charging handle instead of all the pressure bearing down on the roll pin which can cause standard Mil-Spec charging handles to break over time when using an aftermarket latch (such as the Badger Latch) because of the extra pressure and force that’s placed upon the charging handle when using the newer weak hand charging handle manipulation.

This charging handle does three things for you:
1. Increases larger latch reliability – Because of the redesign of placing all of the forces at the back of the charging handle instead of on the roll pin, you get a much much longer lasting charging handle that incorporates a larger latch

2. Allows for better grip on the latch for easier weapon manipulation – Because of the larger latch and better serrations, you get a better purchase on the charging handle making it easier to operate your weapon

3. Gives your weapon a much smoother operation – Because of the redesign and all of the forces being pushed to the rear, the BCM Gunfighter slides straight back instead of canting off to the left or right of the weapon like standard Mil-Spec charging handles. This allows for a much smoother operation of the charging handle (some have said that it feels just like a side charging AR upper)

The BCM Gunfighter comes in three different latch sizes. The Mod 3 is the large latch which would be good for those with big ol’ bear paw hands. Mod 4 (below) is the medium and the latch size that I like best and I find that it works great for use with gloves and without gloves. The Mod 5 is the small latch which would be great for those who want to keep their weapon looking factory/retro or don’t like to use any extended latches on their weapons. Just remember that the latch sizes are just like shotgun gauges, the smaller the number the larger the latch.

The BCM Gunfighter also comes in two different action lengths, 5.56mm/.223 (standard AR-15 upper) and 7.62mm/.308. This way you can have the best charging handle on the market no matter what caliber you pick (Note: BCM says that their 7.62mm/.308 Gunfighter will fit the Armalite AR-10, DPMS 308, KAC SR25, KAC M110, KAC MK11, LaRue OSR, Noveske 308, and the POF 308).

Having said all that, the BCM Gunfighter is the only charging handle I will put on any of my ARs and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to upgrade their weapon. As soon as I dropped mine into my weapon, I felt a huge difference in how the weapon charged. Since I already have a chrome BCG in my weapon, the operation was already smoother than a standard Mil-Spec phosphate BCG but the Gunfighter smoothened up my charging action a ton. I applied a little Breakfree CLP to the charging handle to help during the break in period and the action got even smoother. I absolutely love the serrations on the latch because they help me get a much more positive grab on the latch to keep the charging handle from slipping out of my fingers like how Mil-Spec charging handles have done. Here is a comparison of three different charging handles. On top is the BCM Gunfighter, the middle is the Spike’s Tactical billet, and the bottom is a standard Mil-Spec.

Comparison of three charging handles. BCM Gunfighter on top, Spike's Tactical Billet in the middle, and Standard Mil-Spec on the bottom

If I could make one change to the Gunfighter, it would be to add rear and side serrations like on the billet charging handles that Mega makes (the Spike’s Tactical billet charging handle (above – in the middle) is the same way and I believe is made by Mega since it’s the same design). These rear serrations on the charging handle would allow you to get a better grip with your thumb and an overall better grip. Don’t get me wrong though, the serrations on the latch are perfectly adequate, but this would be a nice little enhancement.

You can pick up your very own BCM Gunfighter charging handle today at BCM’s website:

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