Spike’s Tactical Battle Trigger

The Spike’s Tactical Battle Trigger is a drop in replacement for your standard Mil-Spec fire control group (FCG) that comes in your AR-15 rifle from the factory. The Battle Trigger is a Mil-Spec FCG with a Nickel Boron coating which provides better durability/reliability, requires less lubrication, requires less maintenance, and has a very smooth 5-6 lb trigger pull.

Be sure to note, the Battle Trigger is NOT a match grade trigger. If you want a match grade trigger, buy a match grade trigger.

Outside view of the Spike's Tactical Battle Trigger

The Battle Trigger comes from Spike’s Tactical with:

  • Nickel boron plated:
    • Rounded hammer – For improved reliability in .22 conversions/uppers
    • Trigger
    • Disconnector
  • Mil-Spec Hammer Spring
  • Mil-Spec Trigger Spring
  • Mil-Spec Disconnector Spring
  • Stainless Hammer and Trigger Pins with Black Oxidized Finish

Internal view of the Spike's Tactical Battle Trigger

I’ve put about 300-400 rounds through this trigger and it just keeps getting smoother and smoother the more I shoot it. The trigger may feel slightly sticky at first, but it will smoothen up as you fire it (dry firing will help, but isn’t a substitute for live fire). I liked the Battle Trigger so much that I bought one for my Father for his birthday and installed it in his rifle for him. He could immediately notice a difference when I put his rifle in his hands for him to test the trigger out. As expected, his trigger felt crisp and a lot smoother and has continually gotten smoother the more times the weapon is fired.

Like the BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle, the Spike’s Tactical Battle Trigger is another addition that will be in every AR that I build. I highly recommend the Spike’s Tactical Battle Trigger to anyone who is looking for a dead nuts reliable trigger that requires very little maintenance, requires less lube, and has a very smooth trigger pull.

You can get a Spike’s Tactical Battle Trigger today at:


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  • Alden:

    Just installed one. Feels great. Can’t wait to take it out to the range.

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